Thursday, 3 February 2011

New stash!

We had a trip to Ikea last week - I highly recommend going in the evening, it was half empty and soooo peaceful! Hardly had to queue for our meatballs at all!

Anyway, meatballs aside we didn't get much this time, but I did load up on fabric from their textile department:

Quite a big print, so can imagine this will be appearing on some tote bags soon

I love love love this one! I got a load of plain orange to use with this one too

How bright and cheery is this? Love it!

What can I say, theres always room for pink stripes in my sewing corner!

Unfortunately for me life and work has caught up with me again so its going to be a day or two before I can get back to my sewing corner, but having this little lot waiting for me will atleast motivate me to get my work done!


  1. We must have the same taste.
    I have used the 2 middle fabrics for my notebooks recently.
    They are gorgeous and it is really lovely fabric, great weight.
    ohhh I want to go now :o)
    {Dab and a dash.}

  2. Great minds think alike! Love you notebooks by the way - I had a sneaky peek at your shop :)

    Katie x